Fans Praise Yondering

Jean Houston, founder Mystery School & The School For Social Artistry
"These songs are beautiful, rich, poignant and melodic and given a depth of feeling and sweetness with the tenor and exquisite phrasing of Flanders' voice. They bring back memories and recall days of fortitude and innocence. They give us back the America of our dreams and hold us to a higher ideal."
Yolanda Lindwall, international seminar leader, Freedom Through Releasing:
"My career has allowed me to experience life in 40 countries while teaching principles for neutralizing disturbing emotions. After listening to "Yondering" I wholeheartedly recommend it for soothing the soul, as it reminds us of a lifestyle that honors and respects the natural beauty of our planet.  "Yondering" is a routine pleasure for me as I face modern day traffic. Thank you for creating such a therapeutic blessing!  I never tire of hearing it.  Music from home...the heart. "
O.J. Sikes, host of Western Music Time radio show:"It's terrific!"
Peggy Rubin, Founder, The Center For Sacred Theatre, Ashland, Oregon:
"Rich's beautiful voice sounds his soul, and makes me homesick, not just for an American West that was a dream, but for the wonders of the natural world, and the heart that still sustains it. The title, Yondering, is perfect, too."
Barry Plaxen, Managing Editor, Delaware & Hudson Canvas, NY: "Absolutely glorious. What a lovely CD. So wonderfully soothing. A great pleasure to listen to. It took me out of myself and away to relaxationland. I loved the arrangements - harmonies - everything . CONGRATULATIONS!"
Troubadours of Divine Bliss, Indiana:
"We want to thank you for creating your CD "Yondering!"...IT IS MAGNIFICENT!!!!  It's beautifully produced and your voice is an American classic!  Lush, lively and lovely...We wish you great success with the CD.  Every home should have a copy. Thank you for keeping American music alive and very well!  An amazing tribute... Happy trails, your troubadours, Aim Me Smiley & Renee Ananda"
Elizabeth Drake McDonald, Canada, co-author Lyrics: The Song Poems of Bob Nolan:
"As a researcher and archivist working with Bob Nolan's grandson, I grew to love the inimitable sound of the Sons of the Pioneers. Clearly influenced but not copying their style, Rich has captured the spirit and vitality of their music. When his CD is playing, I can't help but join in!  Bob Nolan's "Chant of the Plains" vies with Rich's own "Midnight Skies" as my favorite on this album. I hope there are more albums like this one in the making. It's a winner. "
Mark York, composer & musical director, New York City: "What I think impressed me most Rich claims the entire genré of western music as his own. I don't feel like I'm listening to a museum piece....I'm hearing western music for the very first time. I found this recording to be very FRESH and NEW.  BRAVO!!!  It's a great CD." Rick Huff, The Western Way Magazine - "None do it any better than this cowboy from New York! ....This one gets a nod from me for WMA or AWA nominations for Western Male Vocalist and Traditional Western album. Truly special."
Bernard Boyat, Le Cri du Coyote magazine: "Simply beautiful work...The Old West still survives, thanks to fellows like this."
Dawn Kirk, therapist & host of Wake Up & Live! radio show,
"Yondering" and Rich's pure voice reconnected me to my roots, reminding me of my grandparents' place "on the creek" in the country as well as the beauty of nature."
Ed & Jill Lamoureux, Master Coordinators, Shaklee Corp., New Hampshire: " The first time we played your new CD, Yondering, we were immediatly taken by the simple beauty and calming effect that it had on us.  It syncopates both sides of the brain and it begs to be played over and over again, bringing a sense of peace and relaxation in a very unsettled world.  It brought us back to our youth.  Your voice is an angelic voice.  People need to hear this - This is what the world needs.  Thanks for the brilliant work."
Angel Gail Konz, teacher, intuitive, author - Michigan. "Yondering" is what my husband and I always reach for after a busy day on our farm. Somehow it touches a place very deep and makes more sense to all of our reality.  We absolutely love this music! "
Musical Medicine Newsletter: Inner Harmony Health Center- "Celebrating earth, sky, and the great lone places, the music of Yondering reaches deep into the heart, bringing a sense of peace in an unsettling world."
 Maria Dallin, Wurtsboro, NY:
"I want to say "thanks" for such heart-rendering songs that have great meanings in the simple things of our Earth!  Rich, your voice has the passion and feeling of a lone cowboy out in the desert prairies!  I can't put my finger on which one song is my favorite -- I love "Man Walks Among Us" -- "Cool Water" makes me thirsty for more! "Song of the Trail" makes me want to sing along!  4 stars for "Trees."  "Timber Trail" makes me want to yodel!  "Ghost Riders" is also one of my favorites!  In fact, I have to get my CD back from Fred as he enjoys listening to it on his way to work! I WANT TO BUY ANOTHER ONE so I can listen at home when he has mine in his car!  I pray you have much success with this CD ."
Elisa Hendrey, Sound Beach, NY:
"I grew up in the West and remember with great fondness listening with Rich Flanders to The Sons of the Pioneers when we were just teenagers... I am thrilled by your CD.  Every number is done so exquisitely.  "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" is gorgeous, I loved the eerieness of "Ghost Riders," "Midnight Skies" is haunting... I found the whole album inspirational and beautiful, and I thank you for making it.   What a joy it is to hear these songs sung so warmly from the heart, for the hearts of all of us who love our beautiful land so deeply."
 "Yondering" is more than a collection of songs of the West.  It is a rich reminder that the past can live on in the present. You've created something beautiful, my friend."
Jim Woolsey, Sierra Vista, Arizona:
" I've been listening to Yondering. I think it's great. This cd is about as close to the Sons of the Pioneers as you can get this side of the Pearly Gates."
Elaine Cirillo, White Plains, NY
"I have been listening to your album, with much enjoyment. You have such a beautiful quality to your voice that I believe can transcend many ills in this world. I loved the song you wrote and hope that there will be many more. I did enjoy the familiar songs I recognized and some that delightfully surprised me, which I've never heard. You have an incredible depth of compassion and heartfullness that can be bridged through your music."
Kristin Rotblatt - Acupuncturist, Nutritional Consultant, Author, Los Angeles: "You have the most gorgeous voice! I LOVE YOUR CD SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Your voice is absolutely exquisite...and your music, your voice, and the arrangements make me so happy! Every song, your beautiful voice, etc. is so soothing to me. I am listening to the whole CD for the second time! If I could I would make you the next cowboy singing star, I would! Thanks for uplifting my day. I am so excited that I own a copy!" James Shaw, Hot Springs, Arkansas:
"I grew up listening to Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Sons of the Pioneers, Marty Robbins, etc. and this homage to Western music is excellent. It brings back memories of my comfort food for the ears. Rich's voice is amazing and he captures the true essence of these songs. The production is flawless and the musicians perfect. I highly recommend this CD for any fan of Western music or just really good music for that matter."

 An announcement from the Bob Nolan website:

"Cool Water" and "TumblingTumbleweeds" have been recorded by countless entertainers and so, by popular demand, we have created a page for each song so you can listen to the differences in arrangements. We hope you enjoy them. Go to and then click on 'Recordings'  in the sidebar. Or click on the following shortcut link: "

(The versions of these classic songs from Yondering are among the selections there.  Enjoy. Rich)

Thanks to everyone for the privilege of sharing this music of the heart, "music from home."  It is my belief that real change in the world will come only from a change of heart.____Rich

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