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Nominated for
Multiple Awards

  • Album of the Year, 2010

  • Best Traditional Western Album by an Individual

  • Best Original Song (Thirteen Voices)

By The Western Music Association, 2010

"One of Western Music's A-List performers ....A brilliant album, and I mean the kind that could and should earn Classic status....What a treat you're in for! "Ride Away" is top notch."

- Rick Huff, The Western Way magazine, Fall 2009

"Excellent...One of the purest western CD's I've received in a long time. I'm thinking Album of the Year nominations next year. Our listeners will hear this one a LOT!"
- Marvin O'Dell, Around the Campfire, Heartland Public Radio

"Highest rating" (Cri Du Coeur)
- Bernard Boyat, Le Cri Du Coyote magazine, #113, 2009

"Flanders has an intimate lyric baritone voice, delivered with a palpable warmth that lets you know that this music is coming directly from a heart that is deeply rooted in roaming on horseback across the Western landscape...The true test of a recording artist is not the first great disk: it's coming up with a second disk that is as good as or better than the one that got the first acclaims. And acclaims are exactly what Rich Flanders received for his first album, 'Yondering',.. 'Ride Away,' Flanders' second album, fully deserves to be in line for the 2009 edition of the (Academy of Western Artists) awards."
- Philip Ehrensaft, The Delaware & Hudson CANVAS, December 2009




Rich Flanders: Songs of the American West

iding the hills of northern California after school… the scent of juniper in the Coast Range… a cabin in the White Mountains of Arizona… the lure of the Black Hills… the blend of the Sons of the Pioneers…This is my West, and it has been part of me since I was a boy.

For me, music is the fastest trail to the heart. As a performer, I’ve sung various kinds of music, but the songs I most often sing to myself are the ones on Yondering and Ride Away. No matter where the road takes me, I always return to the windswept prairies and the far peaks, and hear the call of new frontiers, within and without.

Mitakuye Oyasin (Lakota) “We are all related”

Album cover of Ride åwaysung by Rich Flanders: the CD coverRide Away--CD-- takes its title from the soundtrack of John Ford's 1956
masterpiece, The Searchers. The film, and its music, has been with me all my life. As on Yondering, the songs of Ride Away celebrate the beauty of the natural world, and the path of the rover. Some of the selections are new. Some are little known or rarely heard. One or two could almost be called "folk." I chose each because it was a gem, and I believe Ride Away, like Yondering, will cross genres and appeal to a wide range of music enthusiasts. Read more about Ride Away>> Listen to song clips and buy Ride Away

Album cover of Yondering: Songs of the American West: sung by Rich Flanders: the CD cover

Yondering--CD--Nominated Best Western Album of 2008 by The Academy of Western Artists and won The Will Rogers Cowboy Award for Best Song, Blue Prairie. The CD consists of 16 fresh, authentic renditions of favorite songs of the western prairie and desert. Listen to clips and purchase the album at CD Baby. Read more about Yondering.

Tribute to the Hudson CD coverTribute to the Hudson: Single

I am honored to have been chosen by Judy Kellersberger to record her beautiful tribute to a great river. The lyrics of Tribute To The Hudson were recently used in Pete Seeger's Clearwater Festival brochure, and the song was played at the opening of the Quadricentennial at the 2009 Knickerbocker Ice Festival. It is receiving airplay on various folk music radio shows in New York and New Jersey and is being considered for inclusion in the soundtrack of an upcoming documentary about the Hudson River. Listen and purchase it here.

Watch on YouTube - "Earth Celebrations, 2011 Hudson River Pageant" video - featuring our recording of Tribute to the Hudson:

Something New!


sing highlights from


Stepping down from the saddle for a moment and into the Great American Songbook, here are the first three Rich Flanders and Celia Berk single cabaret- Double Standards duets from DOUBLE STANDARDS, a show I do with my gifted singing partner, Celia Berk, and a trio of New York's finest players. Along with the music of the West, timeless American standards are closest to my heart.

And the Angels Sing
Isn't It Romantic/Wasn't It Romantic

Samples can be heard and the songs can be downloaded individually, or as an album, at

"....a distinctive new singing duo, Rich Flanders & Celia Berk bring a fresh sound to The Great American Songbook."
Also available at iTunes and Amazon.

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